My problems with the world

I don’t think will be solved with just one pill

Sorry if it seems I’m being


It’s like when I’m walking for the bus then I get stumbled by a train

When the weather women says it’s fine but really it’s pissing down with rain

When this cream says that it will work on smoothing all the scars away

I just don’t think one pill will do

Don’t think one pill will solve all these problems that I have

And how I feel right now

Do you?

I wish these anxieties would pass so I can see past another day

But I’m hurting from the middle

Not just inside my brain

And I could do with a friend

But how much do they cost?

Is it a bigger price to pay.

I just don’t think one pill will do it

Take these anxieties away…

It’s like when I’m using the self check out and it just won’t accept my card

Sun lounging in the garden but there’s cat shit in the yard

I can’t carry all this shopping so maybe I should just starve

Maybe I should just call an Uber damn, I wish I wish I had.

I just can’t seem to get a grip of issues that maybe aren’t really that bad

The worlds indifferences and inequalities

They sort of rip me up inside

I’m laughing from my mouth but I’m screaming in my eyes

This nervy and unsettledness won’t sooth with a hot drink

And I just don’t think one pill will work

So tell me what think?

Unless the challenges in society are changed a little bit

My mind will fight tsunamis

My gut will fight with army’s

Just one pill

Is not a fix.

It won’t take this pain away

But maybe things will get better

I’m hoping for that day,

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