Hey, I heard your stuck somewhere out there

With little hope or comfort

You visiting my blogs but

It just all crap

I’m really really sorry about that

If I was close I’d give you a hug

And say something along the line of “don’t give up”

I’d give you a cuppa in a mug

I’d lift the sorrow from your look

I’d buy you a better tomorrow

I’d shadow your days from endless sorrow

I’d help you from the hell you’ve found yourself living in

I’d give you a smile I’d give you a grin

I’d split in half my bus ticket

I’d mop up your fears

Make you soup if your feeling sick

I’d paint a rainbow over this

I’d drive you to the sea

I’d take care of you

In hope one day you’d care back for me, But I never give to receive

I help in hope to see you breathe

I write in hope you will be able to see

Hey if you’re reading this you’ll make it.

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