I sleep in the middle

Because I don’t see much point in sleeping at the side

And if you climb inside

Do you mind ?

Would I see you standing by me in the daylight ?

It seems

That things are better hidden between your hand me down curtains

I’ve been hurting

But it’s not like you really give a damn

Because a man is a man is always a man

Like a worm in a can you can’t push me down

Tell me where are all your fans now?

Hiding behind your hand me downs

Could do with some sleep

Do you know where you buy it?

Is it in the bottom of the broken unsealed envelope slipped between the bus stop on Blenheim ?

Or is sleep something that doesn’t have a theme?

Does the crack man addict that you always scream about, know how to deal with angry bursts?

does the homeless gentleman know how to deal with endless drought?

Does the lady you say “shags around” know where do get more hand me downs?

Does the wank you stamp and tell everyone, sort out the midnight problem?

Is it cos we are from Hull and no one could really give a fuck?

Is that the image that we all should know?

Is that the damage I think I’ve done ?

Do the endless questions keep me awake?

Does the relentless over thinking drive you to bake?

Is any of this real or is it fake?

Could do with some sleep

I heard it’s popular .

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