I put it together

I made my bed

I left the kids asleep

I thought about the end

And who I would write this letter to

I was left shut out in the blue


And I wrote down your name

And I wrote down the places

My feelings and changes

The things that really got to me

Like you saying I’m selfish

I’ve been killing myself over and over

My head is split

You criticise me say I’m acting irrational

But you tell me things that don’t add up.

Your words don’t match your actions

Your actions make me feel more afraid

And come the day

Things won’t ever be the same

So I wrote this letter

I put on the lamp

And I sat in the corner of the couch

I thought about why and what

I thought about the conversations that we had

I almost read the whole book you gave me

The 1st one

But it’s not like it matters now?

Because you’re clearly treating me as if I’m no one.

You’re clearly treating me as if I’m anonymous

And I’ll watch you move on with your stupid games

I’ll watch you play them with her

Whilst I’m shut out in the blue

I’ve lost a whole circle of friendships too

Whatever we had

My personality dripping down the kitchen tap

And at the time this was enough to end it all last night

Enough to end it all.

Enough to call the shots.

To turn off the camera light.

But I’ve got a better plan.

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