It’s observational

She laughed at me

Red rosy cheeks

I knew that this was going to be strange

I realised a great deal, a lot of the time, the way people behaved and I could tell their actions most of the time but I tried to ignore it because it upset me too much.

You always asked me what I thought after the show had ended

I was a thunder cloud on the car journey home

You didn’t realise that my day had started of with scrubbing poo off the bathroom floor (obviously not my own)

Obsessively washing hands before running to my 10am lecture

Then depressingly vanishing into the corridors during breaks

You didn’t realise and even if I told you, you probably would have thought I was self obnoxious, and only thought of myself,

But I really didn’t, I constantly thought about the dying children around the world

And the corrupt politicians and the rights of girls

But I thought maybe you might want to care a little about how I’m doing and be part of my world.

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