I want to write a new book

I have a couple of pamphlets on amazon under Lilyth Poetry I would really like to write another book. I was hoping to write a novel this year but with university I just haven’t had the time. I wondered if it would be ok if you have read my poetry if you could pop to the amazon store and please leave a review good or bad. This helps me grow as a writer and show the world that I write.

I also just need to talk really, see the thing is I haven’t been myself for so long I have been getting knocked down a lot. And I have been having some difficulty in finding myself again,

I want to make this blog and my poems worth while they do keep me alive sometimes.

5 thoughts on “I want to write a new book

      1. I hear you. The first and last sentences are the hardest. I’d say don’t spend time trying to plan it, just jump in and write a scene. Build forward and back from that.

        I checked out your YouTube channel, I like it!

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      2. Hey that’s ace thanks very much! Yes your right I suppose I can spend a lot of time thinking too much about it ! I’m still studying at uni too! Hope you’re well thanks for checking my channel out

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