When you’re on the way to the church

To marry that girl

Call me and tell me she is all your world

So sip all that vodka you’ve been dreaming about all night

I can’t tell if I’m ok with the situation

But I’m done fighting for someone who doesn’t like me


Tired of changing tires in hope you’d admire

I’m stressed depressed and not thinking about what’s best

And I know if you call me it’s to get something off your chest

Second thoughts so we’ll talk and we’ll take it from there

And then for a moment I might think that you care but I know that you don’t and your using my kindness

But I’ll convince myself some how and walk around in this blindness

I’m coughing up letters and phrases you got me sweating all night

In a emotion of motion that doesn’t feel right

When your on the way to the church to marry that girl

Just make sure you keep her close, tell her she’s your world

I’ll manage the luggage and I’ll pack up the house

I might even emigrate I’m thinking about France

Tell me your happy I’ll be on my way

Because I think I’m wasting my breath

I’m wasting my day.

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