I’m voiceless on your radio

I’m voiceless on your radio

You don’t see me on the screen

I’m blocked from all social media

So I’m nothing so it seems

But it burns you when you hear it

My name mentioned like some theme

And you know my truth it kills me

That I’m perceived as weak

your bottomless beer

It fills your heart with joy

Creaking floor boards

whistling windows

They rock you off to sleep…

they’ll all mumbled under breath

That they think you’re just some creep

Your work never gave you credit

And i don’t value money

Remember I’m not cheap…

I’m voiceless

On your radio

the images you see

Just don’t look like the person

You thought you saw in me.

I’m trapped inside this cage

Like a bird about to break,

my life could be crumbling

Collapsing around my feet

But all I remember is what

you taught me,

And that was that birds should be free.

But I’m voiceless on your radio

a distant memory

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