Why we connected :

We connected.

We’d be on the phone till maybe 2am

Sometimes when we said goodnight

You’d call me back again

I was your listener you had many bruises

We both admitted we are losers

You had a passion to pick up a pen

We wrote in different hands but it didn’t matter then

You saw the world curved

I imagined it flatter

But we connected.

You would stick to your sofa after many conversations

And I’d sneak off the bed whilst you told me about the temptation

Guzzled tea and you munched on food

You talked about the future I mentioned school

And I told you how your voice gave me instant calmness, after a spiralling day, of never ended madness,

You laughed said you’d never been compared to a drug,

And one time outside my house we had this amazing hug, and you told me it felt good.

We connected.

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