I already forgave you

2 hours and 20 seconds ago

We’ve been up arguing for hours

But there wasn’t really anything worth arguing for,

It’s probably the sexual frustration or something like that …

But I won’t take off my clothes and you take everything to heart,

There’s a flower growing between the crack in my doorstep,

There’s sun in between the petals in the rain…

There’s a heartwarming gift arriving in the post by Monday,

I got a tattoo and it was your name.




Never say things in the moment

I’m a child

Chew gum

Never give into your openings,

It was a challenge


You definitely enjoyed it…

But your



And got lost in the moment.

I forgave you

5 years 5 minutes and 20 seconds ago

So darling please shut up, give up, let go

You think I hold negative opinions about you daily

But baby I moved on years ago I’m not broken I’m self made

It’s humble you still dream about us in the dead of the night

Or when your randomly driving past the spots that we liked

I know you do I’m not daft I can see it in your eyes

They wore you out your worn down, so just breathe it out tonight,

I’m stupid,

I’m dumb,

And I never said what I needed,

I ran out,

You jumped out,

Now you’ve been reminded,

Im just floating along until the ship recognises my signal,

I know when you look at me your thoughts of me are abysmal,


It’s ok,

I’m calm.

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