You don’t know me.

You don’t know me

So fuck off

With your negative words

Negative eyes

Negative thoughts.

You don’t know me

You didn’t know us

You don’t know what happened

You know half a version,

You know a partial part of events,

That you wasn’t even there for !

You wasn’t me,

You didn’t wittiness, breath in the stress

You didn’t die the way I died

You didn’t endure the lack of sleep

Lack of empathy

Lack of sympathy

You didn’t have to cognitively process the upsets

You don’t know me, you don’t know the truth

You know nothing about me

You don’t know how I look


How I really am in real life

You’ve seen heard parts

But it’s not the whole picture

You’ve not been punctured like a ball

Tossed into the air

And left there.

You don’t know me,

So fuck off with your negativity.

And honestly , you don’t really know him.

You know parts seen parts but he won’t tell you everything.

So stick your eyeballs back in,

Move your neck another direction,

Shut up with your words,

And find another distraction.

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