And tonight,

I relapse,

So what you gonna do?

Get the rule book out,

And scream at me rule by rule?

Tonight I relapse,

Back into the monster I got rid,

I’ve been battling insomnia ,

Whilst babys drool falls, on, to,

the bib.

I am screaming out for comfort,

As I stare around the house, ripping my hair out of the mess,

Juggling and struggling,

Black is my night dress.

Tonight I relapse,

Tonight I cry, tonight I let it out, and wont give you a reply,

Tonight I die to be reborn again in the morning,

Tonight I visit hell.

Tonight I struggle back the pills and climb on to the bed,

Tonight I give up just to feel something and maybe get a thrill,

Tonight I let myself go and I relapse to the music,

I relapse, and I let the negative voice eat me alive just to be alive,

Tonight I let you hurt me tonight, I relapse,

Tonight I collapse into your arms and give up this fight I’ve been fighting.

17th January 2020

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