Writing can be painful

I didn’t write for the fun of it

I didn’t write because I found it fun

I had nothing else

I didn’t have a mobile phone

I didn’t have a Walkman

I didn’t have good friends

At times I didn’t even have family

Writing was all I could do when I had no strength to dig myself out of the dirt

If I didn’t write I would be in fits of tears and high states of anxiety leading to agony

Anxiety isn’t just mental

Writing just like painting some say its gotten better with the time

I dont know if its aged, if my writing age is even the same

I don’t know if people relate but I give it ago

A lot of the time I’m just living out here on a wing and sometimes I give up thinking

other days I have a 6 horse race inside my head

I’ve had more races inside me lately then using wings

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