On the outside

Everything looks perfect

They have a house

And they’ve recently painted and decorated

On the outside

The child they had became their glue

They have all these amazing images

To show to me and you

On the outside

They have everyone around them

Millions of presents under the tree

But in debt they are consumed in

On the outside

It’s a perfect relationship

And she has amazing skin and amazing hair

And he has amazing skin and he has amazing hair

But really it’s all bullshit

She wakes at 5am

And he shouts and 9 o’clock

The neighbours are a nightmare

And she wears a borrowed top

The cat shits in the kitchen cupboards

And the kids crayon up their walls

She smokes fags on the garden balcony

And he smells like beer and bongs

They never pay the bills

And she’s whiny all the time

On the inside.

But on the outside

The garden looks glam in summer

The trees bear peaches

They look good on beaches

According to their Facebook

According to their lifestyles

Everything is perfect

Everything is just right

On the outside.

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