Getting away

Getting away

Would help me look at life with new eyes

I won’t lie

Right now I feel like I’m inside a prison

A place of torture

From lost souls of peiple

Who gave up on me

And my family

That’s painful.

I want to have that chance

To move on in my life

Provide a better life

Give a better life

It’ll be tight

It’ll be hard

And I know all they got is me

So I’m trying to be strong

I try to not blame myself for the men who promised fake realties

You know you know that when you was loving me I was loving myself better and when you took that away I fell deep into a place I never want to re-enter ever.

So this is over, it’s done. You treat me like I’m dead, this is over I’m going. I will vanish. I promise.

I saved you the excuses and I made them aware,

I gave you the choice.

getting away is mine,

I just hope that someone out there

Really is looking down on me, this time.

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