Relationship CV 1

Ok, my name is Lilyth

Some ask if they can call me Lilly

I say fine

But I prefer my full name really,

I can bake, cook, I assume that’s what you look for,

I sleep a bit heavy I’ve had complaints about snores,

To be honest I’m probably not really your type,

I’m friendly mainly, Happy, polite,

Bit of a bitch, crazy at times,

Hoover up daily, leave pots on the side,

Clumsy, and get too attached,

Ridiculous humour, I can’t guarantee a laugh,

Internet graveyard of ex’s I won’t list them all,

One was a coward the others all boring,

Never had a wedding ring,

Pretend to hate flowers,

But really if you bought them I’d be smiling for hours,

Bit of a white liar, I don’t like to upset,

But seems I try to control things that I just can’t prevent.

So that’s me and my relationship CV,

Not much of a catch,

If you ask me.

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