I have a ticking time bomb

Inside my heart

It’s ripping me to pieces

Tearing me apart

I look left and right

I look in the centre

My hands are all full

Of things I want to fulfil

But time isn’t on my side

And I don’t know if I will

Time it keeps ticking

As I just sit about

I keep letting bad people in

And letting them out

I will make it I know

Deep down in my soul

I will get better in time

And rebuild my life

It’s just going slower

Then I would like

It’s just taking time

People will wait

The universe is happy

To receive the things I do

When I am ready

Just remember my dear

Whatever it is

If you’re feeling alone

Feeling like this

That you can make a change

You can make it happen

It’s ok we didn’t work out

Don’t let that stop you

Words are healing things

And I want you to know

Don’t let it grasp you

Take over control

Keep that heart ticking

Keep your soul whole

Wherever life takes you

Only you know

That the stars are behind you

The truth is untold

The power is yours

Now you can take hold.

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