and so

So save my sanity

Words are just digs at the life you wished you lived

You’re infinite stone throwing dashes chips at me but I still stand

Your waving hand is not a goodbye or a hello it’s a salute

And the faces of children you great and take on but forget ones who gave gold to your heart

Will still always call you the name you are not

So, save my sanity?

Or parade off into the sun raised beast filled fields

Tell me everything I don’t want to hear because hearing the things I want to I know aren’t true

What a waste of a weekend, what a waste of a week, what a waste of a year, so you say

But I see everything different,

I was learning with you

growing with you

becoming someone I wanted to be

So save my sanity

When I stack up the boxes

My face you won’t ever see again and my voice you’ll never have a conversation with

It sickens me that that doesn’t even cross your mind or bother you

You do not even flinch you do not even tell me to hang on and wait a minute

After all the evenings

All the conversations

The time we spent

My sanity equals nothing to you

My bare feet meant nothing to you

The touching of skin meant nothing to you

The pressing of lips meant nothing to you

I’m reaping soldiers from the soil to break the battlefields

And finally for you, if you weren’t my lover, husband, partner,

Then what was you?

Just a friendly fixture on the wall that I now tear down?

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