He said don’t ever give up

It’s a losing battle

You don’t get what you want

That’s what makes it special.

And it could be a month, year, a day

But you’ll know if they are the one


I can’t ask him anymore.

I wish I could!

He had good sense of other people’s character

When he saw you he thought you would treat me bad

And you well he knew I would be the best you ever had

And now you?

Well I’m not so sure , I think he would tell me you’re not worth the pain, but he will know I will beat myself up about it everyday, till I find a way to escape.

If only he knew and if only I could call him

He didn’t leave with a note or even a warning

You’re amazing to me and my hero

I know you’re looking out for me protecting me wherever you go

I wish I could tell you again how much I love you

So when you drift off asleep you know you are loved

You are my hero and amazing to me

And I will make sure they know about your legacy

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