2 months too late.

I was 2 months too late

my appreciation, approvals, advice and admiration, was snatched by the hands of another

Snatched right out of my hands… and my body pushed so hard, that the outline of it was forced off the walls,

my shadow was flung across the city.

His mask fell down. I was lost at who I was approaching, this loose loving highly respectable gentleman became some creature that wasn’t discovered yet by mankind. a howling werewolf, daylight con man, someone I no longer recognised.

He helped me up the ladder then suddenly the ladder sank into the sand bellow, gobbling me almost whole.

My mind infested with tiny creature company of his gnawing and chomping. Once words connected us, voices synced us, our vocabulary liberated us,

now I am another throwaway to you, you act like the others in this human waste society, for you not bother to fix me, but dump me into the shallows of the night.

I am now frivolous to you.

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