Half a pint.

I got over baring,

Over excited,

This new experience uplifting,

Never felt anything like it,

It pinches me regularly,

Especially in my day dream.

We sit outside and patiently,

Wait for the film to begin.

You comfort me, you smile, you tease,

Your beautiful eyes put my mind at ease,

Inside a place I’ve never been,

Respectively, you sit with me,

We had a choice to stay out here,

Or just get in the car, we did, but not far … nevertheless


felt like heaven to me.

We sit and find a seat,

Where we lay, we stretch out our feet,

For the same loop of events to begin again, the next day,

Half a pint with you and them,

Climb in the car a new location,

Or back to mine for more temptation,

It’s sort of sweet it’s sort of grim,

We kind of did things on a whim,

And if you go back to where we did begin,

Was with half a pint you, you and him.

Half a pint no never level,

A sobered day, then night a devil,

We took on too much and reacted slow,

It doesnt matter, just so you know,

All the nights and things we did,

Discussed as if they didnt even mean a thing,

Now just half a pint just you and them,

While I sit tight and clear the decks,

I close my doors lock all my windows,

The crows they talk,

black shadows follow,

leaving my heart ice cold and hollow,

I didnt know that people could be so shallow,

Just half a pint you and your fellows,

Where it all started with the alchol,

Does the sober mind still talk some sense though?

This is not about you but you might of guessed though,

Half a pint and some processco.