Warnings distressing content : you walked around my house with knifes

You walked around my house with knifes
Not once
More than twice
For months and months I left you clues whilst recovering from baby blues
I chose to do what’s best for all
But you want to punish me more
And saying things to sweeten your imagine
How about I don’t want to keep seeing the vision
Of pills popped out of packets and threats to kill or die
How About you just don’t lie …
You walked about with a hammer
You picked up my possessions and collapsed them
A chair hadn’t ever done anything to hurt you
A tv never did anything to scare you
I didn’t deserve to be treated like this
Or see the things you did
I offered one simple solution
Be a friend and move on
That I think was reasonable
After all the trouble
But revenge makes you a wealthy man
Controlling things and getting mad
I need her to say it with me
When I’m starting to feel edgy:

This is not your fault
You have not done anything wrong
If someone wants to do you harm
Then you have to go really far
Far away so you can breathe
Take a seat
This is not your fault
If he is out of control
If he wants to harm you hurt you
Because you can’t feel the things you used to
Then you need to say it with me
It is not your fault
And you are in a safe place
You will be ok.

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