Hold my mug a second

*hold my mug a second*

I am angry

How dare you

You have seats that you sit in

You say that you qualify

Whilst you sit there and don’t apologise

As more people die

*Hold my mug a sec*

How dare you

Tell me

All them poor children

Missing out on daily

Because you are too selfish to part cash with your income

Or bring back the welfare we so dearly need

What you stand for is purely greed

You can’t see how bad this country has become

You blame all of us when you are the one …

In control.

*hold my mug a sec*

Are we not all flesh and bones?

Do we not all feel and fall?

Are we not all think and thought?

Are we all not human?

Stop and look at the shock

Stop and do something worth dying for

Do more.

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