i wish i could be

i wish i could be

anywhere but here

quite frankly

and i know you’ve wished this too

how long does pain stay pain?

how long does sorrow last?

how far away from the past do I have to be?

i just cant explain.

i want to be on the other end of the horoscope

the right side of the spectrum

i want a balanced life with balanced thoughts

i know i wont be your perfection

i dont want to feel like shit anymore

i just want to welcome peoples love

and im tired of being let down

i want to be enough

i want people to hear me people to care

i want too much

i want too much.

sometimes i just cant help how i feel

and your cold shoulder

is too much to bare

i want to say goodbye

but each time it hurts even more

and i wrote a couple of letters

but i never posted them to your door

if you could have spent

just one more second

maybe climbed inside my skin

then maybe you would understand

how I have been


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