I was re living moments

With you

You made me the happiest

You said you knew if I was really thinking about you

Because if I text you in the morning

then ‘you’d be the first thing on my mind’

And that’s the sort of love you had in mind

So you text me ‘hello gorgeous’ all the time

And sometimes I would wait until lunch time to reply

I didn’t want you to think I was too keen

But really you probably thought I was ‘just mean’

You gave me the same mug

You gave me the same look

You opened the door the same way

You walked up to me the same

Everything was neat all inside a package

You didn’t want it to leak or cause any damage

I was probably too much for you to manage

You can’t get the return label or just send me back

I was a mistake and I’m sorry about that

If I slit my wrists into tiny bows

Would you stitch them back up so the blood doesn’t flow?

You said you would never be a hero

I was hoping I probably meant more

Than a temporary ordinary day dream.

And from the start you said it’s too good to be true

But I heard you word for word

You asked me to be with you

Over the telephone,

And I’d been waiting so long for you to notice me

I thought it was different

I thought we was different

I thought you was different

And I’m not asking you to like me

Or love me

I just want you to make

The pain


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