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My passport arrived the other day
I stared up into the sky
And dreamed away…
I caught the ferry at 11
From the Humber
It was a one way single ticket
I met with you.
We sat and watched the waves
the waves carried the ferry along
And words fell in and out with the currents
Dancing and gliding …
Feather away into the distant.
This journey
Was magical, spectacular
Smooth, when days where well
Rough, when waves where high
In the middle we did just fine…
Travelling around the world
Has been my dream since a small child
The colours, aromas, the food, the cultures.
How could anyone ever moan about how life is so shit?
When there are 1000s of places to visit?
Enjoying living in the moment
Simple happy things …
Not worrying about appearance or getting your nails and hair done
There is a world
I keep my eyes closed, tightly, I don’t want to stop imagining, I want to feel like a princess in your arms, like a woman, before you change your mind,
In my imagination I can be free, just sailing along, exploring the land, it’s what all great stories and adventures are made of, learning growing and becoming who you are.
The ferry, this passport, is my way out.
My daughter stares at me for minutes she’s been saying mummy, mummy, play with me,
I need your ticket please.
In my hand,
Is a passport, coloured and created by her,
A smiling stick face
It’s the closest thing I’ll get, to a passport, to you. And a ferry, she is my world without a doubt, I’d love to show her the world.

Well at least the good parts.

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