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I want to pick up my own pen
Write my own song
And sing my own lyrics.

I want peace of mind
Peace on earth
Peace in my heart.

I want your scribbled notes
Assigned to me
To unpick
to unwind
to de-code.

I want wine gums
I want cherryade
Without feeling bad.

I want your heart
I want your love
I want your time
I want devotion
Letters, emails, voicemails
I want a connection.

Every time I say I want
I feel guilty
Because saying I want
Is selfish.

Even though for each ‘wants’ that I feel,
I remind myself why I want them.

What I would give, how I would be gracious.

The world is too big
This city is too small
These people don’t care
Or listen at all.

I see stars in your eyes
I see maps in your hands
I would bring you the planets
If I had just one chance.

What I want won’t resolve it
I wish it would just go away
But I’m loving these moments
So why shouldn’t I stay?

Time is so precious
So I will wait for that to come
I’ll write back to you one day
When the battles been won.

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