if only you knew #poem #poetry #writing #writer

if only you knew how this felt

maybe if you did

you wouldn’t be putting me through this

or maybe you do

and you want me to feel this way

I dont know

but I can tell you, this hurts.

Its not like you’ll listen

and I’ll never learn

I always touch fire

and I always get burned.

We stood in the arch

near the toilets

and I saw you shuffling a little nearer

I moved slightly away

because our arms brushed

I blushed.

and although your a man

a man with knowledge, I know!

I could always tell with that frown

when something was wrong.

a face that could paint a picture

I like to paint pictures

I squeeze my eyes shut

really tight,

and I try to remember the good

I have felt grief before,

but my god!

Nobody ever talks about the grief, that you feel for the living people, that leave your life.

I know your still walking around on this planet,

It brings me some light,

knowing that you are happier, now.

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