That moment I thought about, ‘I love you’

I couldn’t do that

To you

I have a lot of respect.

But it’s a bit hard,

I know that I feel it.

it’ll never happen

Maybe you’ll never feel the same,

But I wish I could help shift your pain…

Or anything that bothers you in the day!

and I’m not even sure why,

it just felt right,

I really wanted to say,

I love you!


And I know that sounds mad,

I know it’s mental,

But you drive me crazy,

when I think about you,

You was so kind to me, so nice to me, genuine.

My friend said you was just being friendly,

And yeah maybe.

But it just felt right, in my heart tonight,

And I almost wanted to tell you …

The truth.

That I think ‘ I love you!’

But it’s too soon and you’ll go too

And you’ll be another guy off the internet in the pile of ‘must forgets’

I don’t want to say something I might regret

Or words you won’t accept

So for now

I’ll keep my head down

And focus surviving, like I always do,

Can’t believe

I almost said

‘I love you!’

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