Someone to relate to

… before the pandemic, I spoke about how I was struggling with my emotions and writing how it almost impossible to write anymore.

I’ve lost so many people I wish I could have kept in my life because of writing and I put myself and my writing first. I took myself to cafe gelatos and I wrote some nonsense poems, I remember texting you telling you I wrote maybe 5 pages in one sitting, and all you said was that’s good, but your responses where always good enough to me at that moment in time.

I won’t get that anymore, I know. For that I am sorry.

Anyway my step mum mentioned a writer to me that she thought would be someone to relate to.

Someone to relate to :

I’ve heard some people mention your name

And I’m stuck out here amongst the drains

The common people going about their days

I want to break free, get out, escape,

Graffiti walls with tags and phrases

‘Fuck the system’, ‘you slags’ and ‘racists’

‘Stop killing people’, and ‘not in my name’

And every time I want to stop writing

I feel like giving up from all the fighting

Your story of determination

1000s of rejections


I know in this life whatever you do you win and lose some,

But I’m told I should really keep going

And someone to look up to is J.K. Rowling.

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