Like a peach #poem

Like a peach

I realised the last kiss was an empty promise
And your wallet didn’t show any reminiscing
He said he kept a photo there of me in my pigtails
I was just a girl,
Now I’m a woman.

Does that push you off your seat?
Does my presence make you angry?
Because I’m still here
I’m not going anywhere

I still look
And I will stare

I won’t turn my head
I will always over examine

Like that girl I was
With a
magnifying glass

Picking up tiny ants
Like gods hands

Oh man,
They said they would send me an omen
This envelope I don’t want to open
I’m tired of being outspoken
To your hypocritical hypothesis
You’re not the bees knees, and these screams,
Aren’t far enough to reach down these streets,
And day seems like daydreams.

You’re gonna bruise me, like a peach.

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