7 months

You’ve been gone almost 7 months

And still nobody wishes to discuss you

With me

I’m sure your death will still become

A ripple in the community

I won’t forget you

I know that was your fear

That your character will disappear

I imagine if you where near

You’d tell me to let go

I’m sure I will

But there will always be apart of you inside within

I wish I could tell you that the world has changed

But since you died it’s stayed the same

The chaos and mess it all remains

I’m sure you’d say the same

If you was here

7 months almost since you’ve been gone

There has been so many wrongs

And he will not talk to me, he won’t,

I’m sorry , if I let you down,

But they are adults and adults shout

At least he got what he wanted

You where probably right

Almost 7 months since you died


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