He sleeps

With his laptop cranked open

His phone on messenger app

His hands cradling his head

He is a selfish prick

Even as he sleeps

I have nobody to discuss

These nightmares with

Yet again

A baby gone

Morphed into a toddler shell

He is living his life happy

Spending his money on himself

And I am dying in my bedsheets

Unable to lift my hand

He won’t even unstandard

The robbed time

A mother has lost with her baby

Especially when her focus had to be on him

The domestic violence happening again

Oh but he sleeps

With no scar

No ache

No yearning to restart this life all over again

It’s as if the trauma

Never touched him

As he is asleep

Even guilt

It doesn’t even rumble

In his stomach

He is so settled

With his wifi

Around his body

As he sleeps.

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