He gets the dream job, this is not a woman’s freedom at all.

He gets the dream job

Of barely working at all

Spending 80% in his car

Having his cars purchased for him

On loans he doesn’t own

But he says

It’s ok

It’s his dream job of not doing much at all

As I’m crawling on all fours from 7 till 10pm

Cleaning shit off the floors and walls

Because he won’t help potty train

And I get no sleep throughout the week

Because the child prefers it at his

So I might as well resign

Because I’m fucking awful at this

So he tells me

He is everything

So they believe he is everything

He’s got his dream job

And me as his fucking slave

He does not pay these bills

He does not bring the food

He does not help with childcare

I am his slave

Even after I’ve escaped

I am his slave

I am the politicians slave

I am a modern slave

I am trapped inside this place

Barely enough to stretch out

I can’t work because I can’t get childcare

Your free elements don’t work

They want fresh money

So I’m a stay at home mummy

For my ex’s sake

So he can do his dream job

Of not doing that much at all

As I crawl on the floor

From 7 till 10

Cleaning up shit again and again.

Cleaning up the mess again and again.

I haven’t escaped at all.

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