17th March Soup


I can’t get the card to work at the till
And the weighing machine is getting it wrong
The woman stares at me like I’m supposed to be superwoman
The bouncer follows like I’m causing trouble
I have a pram and a toddler crying
People glare, yeah it’s trying
I had to abandon the freshly packed bags
Not enough in the bank
Sometimes it feels like I’m stuck in a loop
At least I can get me and me kids some soup.
They don’t want much
It’s really sweet
but battling daily to make sure they’ve had something to eat
Feels like a human right dying
I sometimes hear my self standing and sighing
What will the government do?
Give a food bank voucher to me and you?
How many times will I have to wonder
Rising cost of living …
Nothing in the bank
Dragging my body through the puddles
I just need someone’s umbrella to help me recoup
Least I can get me and me kids some soup.
I get looked at like im the criminal
Yet it’s the TV adverts that are subliminal
We can’t afford to eat
Get on a bus but there’s still no seats
Yet they still insist
McDonald’s should be on our daily list …
of things to do
I’m done with it
What about the parents who don’t pay child maintenance
No nhs dentists left and my tooth hurts
I can’t work
Child care more than the rent
The system is just so damn bent
But it’s all on me

Please leave me alone in the street

I don’t want to tick anything about my ethnic group

Surely it’s the least you could do

Just let me and me kids get some fucking soup.

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