How to fall asleep

I turn my back to you

And dream of kisses

Swiftly touching

My neck

No abrupt touching

No surprise feeling

Just gentle kissing

Whooshing me off to sleep

Inside a dream land of freedom

Kissing me to safety

Kissing me to security

Your hand in my hand moment

Together we wake up and face the world

Just kisses because I’ve missed this

I’ve missed feeling as though I am loved

Because I don’t feel loved

I turn my back to pillows

And then wake to more pillows

It’s been a fist fight of pillows

I pillow talk to pillows

I kick pillows

Pillows wake upon the floor

Sometimes I get so mad at them I have non

I stop and turn my back to you

Incase you really appear one day

And just kisses I dream of them

That’s how I fall to sleep

Desperately trying to make a shadow man

Hold my shallow arms

Dream of being loved

Because love is all you really need

Even if it goes with such speed

I’ll wait, for you

and that’s how I fall to sleep.

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