Consent #metoo

Yesterday I had a day, where I felt I needed to say ‘ok’

You should never feel forced this way.

Didn’t consent to feel against
The rough sheets and you feet against
The headboard and the mattress protector
I just wanted to be your adventure?
What does it even mean
That I’m ok with you shoving your body into my emotions
I laid them down flat for you and I told you my intentions
All I wanted was to love and receive the attention
I didn’t want to create any prevention
You arms raised above my shoulder blades
Knees bent back where’s my razor blade ?
Tounge so sharp hurt to feel it again
Another man who changed up the game
An innocent mind who can’t accept the blame
To consent, I consented, to feel the pain? the same way over and over,
Could I approach you today?
Lips held shut I can’t speak again
Tug on my hair you said it’s ok
Touch in my underwear you said don’t be afraid
I love you like that but it’s not the same
I could be with someone else, you say
And I shouldn’t be worried
Because I consented.
But I never consented to be hurt.
Be hurt.

I never intended to be a flirt

Over conscious of what to wear

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Drink some more

I missed you so much but not like this

You said your never satisfied with just a kiss

And when we met we was just kids

Thank god back then I didn’t give in

I just want to be the same

Forget it happend and move on again

Remove the memory from my brain

But I consented?

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