Steve 2013

Steve (sorry if anyone’s called Steve)

your like a pattern on the wall
that I don’t really like
but can’t be bothered
to change

your the prime example
of a soft centered cream egg
hard on the outside
but melt between the teeth

you angered me greatly
used my generosity
abused my self simplicity
and took my money…

my grandad never liked you
you said you didn’t want kids too
please give me back my money
you should know better then to take from strangers…

and Steve your gambling addiction won’t ever go away, I remember you stood in the alcove of the hotel near the station, stopped me from entering, cut the embarrassment, you was embarrassing, and I never really kissed that other man, I just danced and had fun, whilst you used my generosity, abused my self simplicity, im glad weve called it history.

You may never cross me again, and that’s great, but your finger marked imprint took my youthful days away, you can’t say that’s OK.

Steve they warned me, your best friend he toyed with me, and then stole the one friend, I ever had when I went through what I had to, just to please you, because you didn’t want children, and now I see you, running…

a child lays in your arms,
and a child holds onto your gambling fingers.

you returned to me again,
and asked me to pay to bail you out.

I will give you no more favours,
for I did what I did,
because you didn’t want children.

I did.

… and I little tiny piece of me, died,
I sacrificed a whole universe,
destroyed a whole planet,
the stars all in line like a slit wrist,
for you.

… and Steve if anything, you actually taught me that my inner woman is stronger than all lions and tigers combined, and that maybe just maybe, that tiny little imprint you left on my body, was barely a horror from the stories yet to come…

but for now another man provided me the stars the moon and I birthed a son.

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