(trigger warning) adult poetry

as he laid next to me

in the new bedding I bought to comfort him

I asked him to pinch me

I wanted him to make me feel like

all the moments we shared

where there

where real.

he did.

as he did he stroked his finger around my ears

saying how they looked like pixies

he stroked his finger down my nose

and kissed my lips.

this was an adult relationship

he reassured me with that

my friend influenced me to

live a little

and be a sexy woman

so I upgraded my underwear


his heart would race

but only on his watch

a few times

I did what my friend said I should do

and it didnt work

then it got worse,

with drink

came sex

there was no sex with no drink

and I think that didn’t work to


that night

the night after he said I had pixie ears

he took me out

and we drank

but this time when I got into bed

I told him I felt really sick

and he wasn’t to bothered

and I didn’t want to leave him disappointed, but now sometimes those moments haunt me.

I didn’t see him after that.

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