He complains

But he never says

That me and him could be arranged

And I’m concerned

Because everyone around me

Is newly wed

Or having babies

And I know I don’t need a man to make me whole

But I want to combine both our souls

Because 2 is always better than 1

When the fire starts it’s easier to battle as 2

I wish he knew

It’s not easy, when you’ve already had the babies

Because men look at you and think you’re crazy

But I can’t control a young mans mind

If he is inclined to leave his baby behind

I rarely have a few words to say to those men

I wish I could give them the torture that they left

Sometimes I think about what would happen if I was dead

Then where would they abandon their offspring?

They think so little of me in fact nothing of me

But at least my children are happy and free

I take care of them more than myself

they have a chance at life

Can flee from the danger I’ve seen

And still I look at people and try to imagine they’re not mean , how naive.

Everyone has a degree of mean I’ve just be around more mean then sweet and keen,

So you’re welcome for all the love that you’ve received, but I don’t forgive, any of you,

for leaving me.

Especially when you planned to have them, and promised to stand by and always be a man,

So I hope when you’re old, like really old, all of this will haunt you, completely haunt you, since I’ve had to deal with all the hell,

and manage to keep myself just as well. and that’s just a minimum request,

I know many women would have spent most of this text,

By calling you all the names under the sun,

but without your careless behaviour I wouldn’t be a mum,

so I’ll spare the swears and just wish that it will haunt you instead.

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