Romance is dead. 3/08/21 #poetry #author #published #Hull #writing #writer #subscribe

I wanted to shock him with an intense high voltage

Via the phone screen,

Make him see the reality of the loss of him and I,

Shock him till his heart burst into fiery flames a fierce pain so forceful and frightening,

I wanted to explode the phone and let it go drowning to the bottom of the river,

For what’s the use of phones anyway if you tongue and face don’t touch?

What’s the use of thumbs if they only batter keys and not softy touch skin,

There is no use in internet languages and small talk,

Should it lead to nothing more but sweet nothings,

Sweet nothings,

They’re the new two faced bee that present itself as sweet, but don’t gather nectar, nor create honey,

Nothing sweet about sweet nothings,

I wanted to get down on one knee and show him that a woman can take the leap of faith,

My faith did surely leap out of the skin of the words I created,

Time and time again,

I wanted to grab him by the god damn arms and push his ignorance out of the bedroom window,

Throw his savaged selfishness into the gutter and rub my soul against his torso,

Collectively, I wanted to do so much but only so much is all you and I can ever do,

When romance is now just a new part of internet, what’s ifs, buts, maybes,

I swore by my grave to say that romance is never dead, but dead it really seems.

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