You know it #poem #poetry

Your eye twitches and the leaves start to shake off the branches again

As the seasons slowly start to change

Every bramble bush you chop away

And seeds you dash around the place

They grow but they will never fill the hole

Of me and you, since you’re alone,

And yes my love I’ll always be

Living inside a broken record fantasy

I’m the music you enjoy at the start

But once you hit the middle

You scratch me apart

You know it’s right, you know it’s so

That I think of you more than you’ll ever know

And stare right up at the same clouds above

The same moon, the same sun and dream of us

The same pavements, the same sea, the same water, the same trees,

They all remain inside my fantasy,

And obsessed you’ll call me

To all your friends

But you loved me back let’s not pretend,

You know you know all what you said

And you know you know

I think of you

I think of all the things you do

The things you don’t and the things you won’t

I dream of all what could of been

And live inside my fantasy.

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