The truth is

The truth is you can never go back in time and ask for moments to be reversed now you have rehearsed what you may have done.

The truth is he may never look at you with those eyes again, he may never lean forward. never hold you, never tell you your being difficult and hard to please and hard to get and hard to love.

The truth is once time has gone it has gone for good.

The truth is some people mean what they say and some just say it for the sake, some just bend the truth to get what they want.

The truth is they may say that they love you but have no intention to carry out the meaning or the actions of love. They may never come back once they have left and they may come back time and time again.

The truth is nothing is ever really known and love isn’t the only cure love doesn’t really cure anything at all it just makes life more tolerable and easy to live through.

Love is never the key to all happiness and money is not the magic drug that everyone seems to make it out to be. Houses are just shells that stop the rain coming in and and cars are just our heads on wheels driving us all to insanity. Rainbows are an illusion and Christmas just makes it easier to cope with people dying from frost and incurable illness.

Food banks are banks, they’re the surplus that the shops throw away, they make enough profit, they throw even more stock then you could imagine, then we publish in the guardian about children living and dying through poverty.

Truth is, I am already in love and I already love and I know it enough to know that it isn’t the love that everybody looks up to and holds out for and expects, truth is I cannot do anything with this feeling or thought, I cannot act I cannot express I cannot change the world in which I intended as soon as I got a sniff of it.

And as the greats say, it is better to have loved then never have loved at all.

The truth is, me and you are different yet unique and yet still the same, the truth is that tears rain down my face every time you look away.

The truth is that the truth sucks and the truth is that I have said enough.

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