Everything #poetry #writing #amwriting

Every time I was lost

You was there to put me right

Every time I derailed

You told me to fight

You said to me once

That I just need a little time

To find myself

Surround myself

To ground myself.

You left a little note

With the book you bought

I stared at it every night

After we fought

I read it over and over

And I held your note closer and closer

But I couldn’t take anymore

So when you wanted the book back

I gave you my own

It was destroying me

Looking and holding something

That could only mean

A time has passed and simply

No matter how much it meant to me

It meant nothing to you

Now just a mental warfare

Of who did what in our affair

I hope you found some comfort there

When I gave you all I could in return

Everything, is what you mean to me,

You meant everything, and you won’t ever see,

How everything is not how it should be,

Everything is what you meant to me.

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