the thought #poetry #writing #imwriting #Writer #amwriting #saddness #grief #goodbye

I enjoyed the thought

many a time,

I must accept

our separate lives,

In sadness

there is blessing,

and I am sure I will find

the meaning to everything,

in due time.

I must carry on

live as a mother,

and you must carry on

living as you will.

though it is sad,

that I could not fully recover,

at least I kept my word.

I must continue,

down this road.

You started walking,

long ago,

and I was behind you,

just so you know,

but its ok,

I will now walk away,

down another path today.

I know,

I must accept,

our different lives,

continue as a lone mother,

in this life.

once this grey patch,

lifts from me,

I hope, I will no longer,

feel misery.

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