‘Big gob’

My grandad used to call me ‘big gob’,

Sticking my nose where it shouldn’t be

‘Should keep out of the way’

Probably because he didn’t want me to find out the truth

He joked a lot about being keeping ‘sane’

Staying young meant you didn’t have to put up with peoples bullshit and horrible behaviours.

My grandads love for me was genuine

He was a little behind with the times didn’t enjoy mobile phones and a flat screen Tv, (that was out of his world)

But I loved him, he was lonely very lonely and I wish I could have saved him.

And the only thing I told him as he died in front of me, was to listen to the waves of the sea, to hear the seagulls in the sky and to enjoy the ice cream.

Then he died.

In the end all he heard was my words, and he couldn’t tell me to stop or call me ‘big gob’, but by then I was more of an adult and thought it was appropriate to talk.

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