Maybe he likes it like that.

Maybe writing

Makes him see my pain

He doesn’t like that

So sometimes I hide away

Then I don’t write

But then holding it all in

Makes me sad

And you don’t mind me sharing

My feelings

You don’t mind me

Writing about anything

And you don’t judge me

For being who I am

Even if it’s all the same

Misery and endless pain

You don’t hold it against me

You thank me and ask me to keep on going

And that’s what I really love about you

Being a reader to my nonsense tunes

Being an eye to my life

Seeing it from another perspective

So Thank you, followers and readers

For letting me dream and believe in

Poetry and writing and just getting by

You really mean a great deal to me

When I’m sad and no body is there for me

You really do help just being around

So thanks again for sticking around.

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