About me


My name is Lilyth,

I am a 24 year old writer and creator from Hull studying LLB Law with Criminology at Hull University.

Started writing poetry from the age of 10 growing up in a different than the usual domestic household, raised by a single father, step mother and grandparents.

I’ve had a huge insight to the world of mental health, with family members suffering from a range of different mental health problems, sometimes living with uncertainty and unfortunate circumstances however this has made me into the independent women that I am today.

About the poetry:

Some of my poetry is about the failures of finding love, nightclubbing,  having a daughter at 16 and the vision of a teenager who didn’t really understand the behaviours of others.

After having an unpleasant first relationship from the age of 15, living in a village far from home and surrounded by teenage boys and toxic relations with others. Writings about finding happiness and love but being too young to understand the true concept of love.

Asking Is it clingy? is it paranoia? is it real? feelings of entrapment, distance and ignorance; reflected from certain characters who have been in and out of my life, and loss of her grandfather who was like a father to me.

Poetry about austerity being on benefits and having to use foodbanks, emergency surgery and the feelings of a trapped voice.

Why I choose the name ‘letteryoullneversee’ for the fear of actually saying some of the things growing up, letters and emails and text messages never sent, and a voice that felt that it was never heard.

With experience of 5 years of therapy and counselling after traumatic labour and emergency gallbladder removal.


Loving mother of 3, enthusiastic photograph, poet and writer. Wants to make a positive impact on society.  Create awareness about daily struggles and highlight the importance of mental health. Also has interests in politics, journalism reading ‘the Independent’ and ‘the Guardian’. Enjoys the likes of ‘Stacy Dooley’, ‘Cherry Healey’.


Quotes for the future: “I Would love to fix the mess caused by the damage of the disposal of legal aid, if successful in the degree it would be amazing to be able to represent those who need help the most. I am very grateful for the positive people I have had in my life and the friends who have kept me going and the kindness of strangers that I will never forget. Cant wait till Graduation 2021.”