Mental Health

I have some mental health issues I need to get rid they've been asking for security codes hacking to get in.    


Let's get high, I'm tired of fucking crying all the time, let's get high I don't think the neighbours will mind?  commit crime then run and never do the time stay inside but get high to pass the time let's get high because I'm fucking sick of crying all the time.

How does it feel?

How does it feel? when the ringtone has no line door knocks but there is no one inside Car goes but there is no one in the passenger side Alarm bells but not for the school ride How does it feel? the mug sits but with no tea Love is no longer eternity.  


You display anger defeat and a world you haven't yet met, to make your own And if there's someone you love that feels lost and alone You turn cold. You challenge everyone else but don't care for yourself You make me so mad that I wish we hadn't met But then I return to that … Continue reading You