I love you But you win.

The mortgage

You was having recent conversations About the mortgage repayments I was never there to help you guide you on this decision You would say it’s nothing to do with me if I asked But I know for a fact you would still want my input.


I cannot contemplate The significant suffering That brought you here I cannot comprehend How dare I try to compare For pebbles I hand to you You let them fall between your fingers For flowers I hand to you You let them wilt into your body heat For paper with letters I bring You peel them … Continue reading Cannot

the bully

& the bully gains the fans the freedom the fame Hearts been slain. I’m satin Shiny I hang above the hologram of us. I droop I’m quenched. No matter how many pretty petals I pull I remain hungry. The hunger satisfies the bully. I collapse. In desperate desires. I dropped the seed, Because if my … Continue reading the bully


Today I am not battered I am not bruised I do not have a broken arm Or shattered limb So when you look at me I look normal. Today I am not hemorrhaging I am not showing scars So when I sit in your car From the corner of your eye I look Fine.