Fuckin lucky

I swear back then when I was her I couldn't see the lights smog all clogged up in my face thank god I'm in a better place now I think I'm lucky and I got a good escape for your love was uncanny and filled with mistakes I'm not one for wishing memories away I'm … Continue reading Fuckin lucky


I don't want this to be overNot until I'm stone cold soberI just want to be like this foreverI hate that we can't be togetherAnd I don't want to forget this feelingWhat you've done to start the healingIt makes me breathless everydayAnd I don't want to give you awayLike a drug you can't buy in … Continue reading Sober


you never wanted me needed you never cared needed you speak of love oh please! walk away running come home I'm moving breathing air, im floating, you think im here, I'm going, I disgust you, you hate the thought, yeah well so do I, I don't know who I am, so you can't walk away … Continue reading want

morning text

I remember, Saturday's they fucking sucked. You taught me the way. maybe it wasn't love. Woken by a text Every morning Hello gorgeous Made my day And now I wish I didn't dream it away Hello beautiful How are you? And now I look I don't know what to do...