How did you not know poem


I can’t make you

I can’t make you love me
for the person that I am
I can’t make you want me
or try to understand
I can’t make you take me to the other side of the world I can’t
I can’t make you want me
or make you take my hand
I can’t wait around
and see my time go into the ground
I can’t make you love me
make you see the woman I am
I can’t make you want me
or make you understand
tomorrow is my furture and is my body’s way to mend
looking forward, moving onwards,

it’s the only way to repair…..

I thought

I thought I saw you differently

I thought I knew you different

I thought you was something

I didn’t realise it was all just in my mind

I didn’t understand what my brain was saying

I still can’t believe it most the time

I can’t get my head around it

I thought it this was …



I don’t want this to be over

Not until I’m stone cold sober

I just want to be like this forever

I hate that we can’t be together

And I don’t want to forget this feeling

what you’ve done to mend the healing

it makes me breathless everyday

and I don’t want you to go away

like a drug you cant buy in the shop

your presence feels like an illegal encounter

I cant reveal what’s under the bandages

a bruise is nothing compared to what is happening …


You seems to think I am optional

Like you can pick and take what section you think you would like

Use me on a part time basis

Complain about no schedule or instruction manual

Do you think that’s right ?

I had love for you

So deep

You know I thought you was a keeper

This time it’s not my heart that breaks

It’s my sanity that is at stake.